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National Computer Learning Institute

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Here's what other business professionals are saying about Indian Boundary Software and Consulting, Inc.

"I've worked with Indian Boundary Software & Consulting, Inc. for 3 years. From the beginning, their consultants have displayed the desire and skill to direct our team of developers in the latest design and development techniques necessary to complete custom software design and development projects on time and under budget. Indian Boundary's consultants consistently display the ability to understand the business side of the projects on which they work and
 have the technical skill required to deliver the correct solution. I believe that Indian Boundary's most valuable asset lies in their ability to solve problems. They are aware enough to know that when a solution does not immediately present itself, that one is available, and most importantly, they know how to find it."

 - Greg Hubbard, Senior Software Engineer,

"I began working with Indian Boundary Software & Consulting over 10 years ago and their consultants are the most innovative technology experts I have ever known.  I have seen them take complex business problems and determine the specific components required for technical or even non-technical solutions.  They have worked in a variety of industries including insurance, medical technology and food service, and have always been able to come up with creative technology solutions."

 - John Fisher, Senior Vice President and CIO, Smith Bucklin

"I have worked with Indian Boundary Software & Consulting for 6 years. Our projects together have ranged from custom applications for embedded systems to data warehousing and business intelligence. The quality and value of the products have been outstanding. Indian Boundary Software & Consulting has truly been a value add to my business."

 - David A. Treger, Director of Information Systems and Technologies,               Glazed Investments, L.L.C., A Krispy Kreme Area Developer


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